Springs4garagedoors - Late delivery and no refund.

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Donn not buy anything from the online store, Springs4garagedoors.com or doorswholesale.com.I recently ordered some springs from my garage door and it took over a week before they shipped and another 7 days in transit.

The website says "ships in 2 days GUARANTEED". Meanwhile, my pregnant wife is loading and unloading her care in the rain. I tried to reach them via email, twice and on their toll free number at least 3 times and nobody ever returned emails or voicemails. After waiting about 8 days I decided to contact a local garage door repair company that came out and replaced the springs and repaired the door within 3 hours of my call.

Springs4garagedoors.com finally returned an email a week after I returned the springs and told me that I got what I ordered and they wouldn't refund my money. I offered to pay the return freight and everything.

I would recommend not doing business with this company if you like customer service or any type of timely response.I have no idea of the quality of the merchandise, because it is still in the original packaging and unused, but to me Customer Service is a huge reason of why I shop at certain stores.

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Really, You waited a week.

I personally find that good service.

I have bought springs from Rosanne the owner and get great service.

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